Every moment of the day is magic at YMCA skate camp!


7:45 Rise and Shine! – After our morning staff meetings where we connect as a team, counselors awaken their cabins to prepare for an epic day!


8:15 K.P. & Homebase – Homebase is the common meeting area where the camp unites before meals. Here we announce the activities for the days as well as conduct fun team building exercises. Furthermore, this is the time for cabins to wash their hands while K.P. is finished. K.P., aka Kitchen Patrol, is the activity of setting the plates and cutlery for the camp in the dining hall while Homebase occurs. Each cabin has KP duty at least once during the week.


8:30 Breakfast! – Oh man I hope it is breakfast burritos! Meals are served family style. Exemplary table manners are encouraged while the cabins eat together.


9:15 Get Fresh – This is the time for campers to brush their teeth, and get their gear together for morning activities.


9:45 Warm Ups – Prepare campers for an action packed day through physical and mental challenges. With a focus on stretching, calisthenics and teamwork, morning warm ups are a healthy and fun means of getting the day started.


10:00 Focus Groups – We offer a wide array of instructional skateboarding for all skills levels. Whether it is your first time on a skateboard, or you wish to master your bowl skating, we are here to help! Our trained and skilled staff members provide excellent skate guidance.


Focus groups are not limited to skateboarding. Campers can choose from a variety of creative and structured classes. For more on the particular activities, click on the links below.

Elemental Awareness

Board Making with Create A Skate

Music Program

The Skateboard Mag ‘Zine program

Silk screen printing





11:00 Free Skate – A time where kids are allowed to roam freely at camp. Similar to recess at school, campers have the ability to choose how to spend their time in a safe and monitored environment. With counselors stationed at every park and a medical staff member on hand, campers can skate or create! Furthermore, the shop and waterfront are open before lunch. Check out our parks and activities.


12:00 Back to our cabins – The bell rings to signify the end of the morning session. Everyone heads back to their cabins to regroup for lunchtime.


12:15 K.P. & Homebase – Just like the morning, this is our time to come together as a camp, pass along letters from parents and introduce the activities for the afternoon.


12:30 Lunch – We have a salad bar, vegi options, and on Wednesday we hit up Beach Front Blast!


1:00 Free Skate! – Skate camp is free range for our campers! The facilities are open for their exploration and enjoyment. This block of time is when we host many of our fun contests throughout the week. Check out how you can spend your time at the activities page.


5:00 Back to our cabins – Get ourselves nice and clean for dinner time!


5:15 K.P. & Homebase – Final announcements for the evening. I hope we play pine cone basketball!


5:30 Dinner – By this time, the temperature has cooled down and sequoia lake begins to glisten with the sherbert hues of dawn. Eating on the patio offers a gorgeous view of the camp grounds.


6:00 After dinner free skate! – This tends to be the best skate session of the day. Find out where the filmers are posted and have a great evening session with your friends. The street course goes off!


8:00 Back to our cabins – The sunlight is gone. Time to clean up and wind the evening down with spectacular activities.


8:30 Campfire – With the exception of movie night on Monday, campfire is where we spend our nights laughing until our bellies hurt. Campfire provides our campers and staff an open forum for communication and enjoyment. It is an opportunity for campers to perform hilarious skits, demonstrate their individual talents and experiment with story telling, jokes and musical performances. Campers are encouraged to stand up in front of a large audience, composed of friends and staff members, which allows them to gain confidence in public speaking. Camp Fire is a fun and entertaining way to end each day. Each cabin must perform a skit at least once during the week. I can’t wait for the next season of bag man!


9:15 Head to the Rec. Hall – Get some snacks from the shop, watch a skate video, play some board games at lounge lizards, or even get to know a visiting professional at our pro Q & A.


10:00 Back to our cabins – Time to take showers, brush our teeth, and prepare for bed.


11:00 Light out – Catch that beauty rest before another epic day of skate camp!